Project Experience

Dry Cleaner Perchloroethylene (PCE) Source Removal

Confidential Dry Cleaners (Remedy 2009-2010; LTM through 2013)

During an environmental assessment (ESA Phase I) evaluation of a retail strip mall shopping center, the consultant discovered an environmental release of perchloroethylene (PCE). Due to the presence of several food service establishments proximal to the dry cleaning business, the regulatory authority requested indoor air samples to evaluate vapor intrusion potential.

Our environmental consulting team responded with two separate evaluations:

  1. Indoor air sample evaluation and comparison to OSHA standards for dry cleaning operations.
  2. Sub-slab vapor intrusion assessment and comparison to the regulatory agency recommended exposure levels (applicable to the adjoining tenant spaces).

Our environmental remediation consultants developed the following:

  • Source area removal remedy
  • Exposure assessment – for the dry cleaning operation and the adjoining tenant spaces – that demonstrated residuals were not the primary risk when compared to OSHA standards.

The source removal was selected for the remedy, with long-term monitoring of the dry cleaning operation for compliance with OSHA standards.