AcuityES offers the following capabilities to handle your situation.

AcuityES professionals are recognized experts related to the development of Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs). Usually as a teaming partner with an existing government contractor, AcuityES assists with fence-to-fence assessments of the selected remedy in the Record of Decision (ROD) to consider alternative technologies that may have been commercialized after the ROD was signed.

US Army – Base Realignment and Closure (Subcontract to CALIBRE Systems – formerly SMI, Inc.)
CONFIDENTIAL – Independent Government Estimates
Completed for Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation [GFPR] or Performance Work Statements[ PWS]

• Oakland Army Base
• McClellan Army Base
• Ft. Hunter
• Ft. Irwin
• Ft. Jackson
• Ft. Monmouth
• Iowa Army Ammunition Plant
• Joliet Army Ammunition Plant
• Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant
• Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant
• Camp Navajo
• Savanna Army Depot
• Sierra Army Depot
• Stratford Army Engine Plant

US Air Force & Air National Guard – Base Realignment and Closure (Subcontract to MWH Americas)
CONFIDENTIAL – BRAC Legacy Base Evaluation Report

• Bergstrom AFB
• Carswell AFB
• Castle AFB
• Chanute AFB
• Duluth ANG
• Eaker AFB
• England AFB
• Gentile AFB
• George AFB
• Griffis AFB
• Grissom AFB
• Homestead AFB
• Kelly AFB
• KI Sawyer AFB
• Loring AFB
• Lowry AFB
• March AFB
• Mather AFB
• McClellan AFB
• Myrtle Beach AFB
• Newark AFB
• Norton AFB
• Pease AFB
• Plattsburgh AFB
• Reese AFB
• Richards – Gebaur AFB
• Rickenbacker ANGB
• Savanaugh AFB
• Williams AFB

USACE Base Landfill Post Closure Requirements (Subcontract to PE-Engineers)
Develop and implement Zero Valent Iron, Permeable Reactive Barrier

• Ft. Benjamin Harrison