Project Experience

Vapor Intrusion Sites

One of the advancing areas of environmental practice includes assessment of the potential for soil vapor intrusion through the floors of buildings and residences. Through our ongoing education programs our nationally recognized experts stay at the forefront of this emerging issue.

Our industry-leading environmental consultants have hands-on experience with a combination vapor management tools. The application of these technologies consistently leads to reasonable and appropriate action plans – plans that mitigate or minimize exposure pathways.

Our work includes coordination and installation of sub-slab depressurization systems with associated bi-annual audits to document continuous protection of the occupants in exposed buildings.

So, take a look at of our vapor intrusion remediation experience. Then give us a call or use the contact form above. We’ll Dig Deeper to develop an environmental remediation plan to mitigate or minimize exposure pathways at your Site.

And, if you’re already working with an environmental remediation consultant, let us give you a second opinion. We offer peer review services so you can make sure you have the right solution. Click here for a site evaluation.

Click Here for AcuityES Vapor Intrusion Site Case Studies