Project Experience

Chlorinated Solvent Remediation

We have over a decade in the environmental remediation industry. And, our environmental consultants have first-hand knowledge of remediation technology and field implementation methods for chlorinated hydrocarbon investigations.

We Dig Deeper into your Sites unique characteristics and offer solutions that can involve:

  • Use of either insitu chemical oxidation or enhanced reductive dechlorination.
  • Use of advances in bioremediation technologies including specifically selected microbial cultures to expedite Site closure.
  • Mechanical removal systems (soil vapor extraction and total fluids recovery) as well as insitu thermal solutions.

Our time to closure speaks for itself. With a keen focus on regulatory compliance, schedule and budget, our industry recognized environmental consultants recommend the optimal path to rapidly close your Site.

So, take a look at our chlorinated hydrocarbon remediation experience. Then give us a call or use the contact form above. We’ll Dig Deeper to develop an environmental remediation plan to close that problem site that just won’t go away.

And, if you’re already working with an environmental remediation consultant, let us give you a second opinion. We offer peer review services so you can make sure you have the right solution. Click here for a site evaluation.