Project Experience

Expert Review Nets Reduced Financial Responsibility

Environmental expert witness, environmental consultant, dry cleaner remediation, PCE remediation, environmental litigation, Challenge

AcuityES was retained by defense counsel to review technical documents, reports, and related data associated with the investigation and remediation activities pertaining to a suspected release of perchloroethlyene (PCE) from a former Dry Cleaner.



AcuityES reviewed available technical environmental reports, reviewed additional environmental reports of neighboring properties made available via the State regulatory data base, and conducted a Site conditions inspection. Assessment was made regarding investigation methodologies, summary conclusions, and implemented remediation actions.


AcuityES identified that the distribution of PCE in on-Site and off-Site soil and groundwater did not support the claim that the defendant’s property was the significant and sole source of PCE impacts. AcuityES identified additional local sources of historical PCE releases that more consistently explained the distribution and behavior of observed PCE concentrations. Based on AcuityES’s expert review, the final financial responsibilities of the defendant and his insurance carrier were significantly reduced during a successful mediation.