Acuity Environmental Services (AcuityES) is elated to announce that Lauren Nielsen, P.E., one of our leading engineers, has been appointed to the Indiana State Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Board.

This prestigious appointment not only underscores Lauren’s expertise and dedication but also showcases AcuityES’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and excellence in the industry.


A Brief Glimpse into Lauren Nielsen’s Journey

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lauren’s dedication to her studies and her insatiable curiosity were evident early on when she graduated as the valedictorian from her high school. Her educational journey then led her to the esteemed Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where she majored in Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Upon moving to Indiana in 2012, Lauren’s focus gravitated towards engineered remediation systems at Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) projects funded by the Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) program. By 2018, her experience and entrepreneurial spirit culminated in the foundation of Terra Vitae Environmental Solutions LLC (TVES). Here, Lauren emphasized a trifecta of risk-based remedial approaches, release prevention, and continual improvement, filling a vital gap in the industry.
Lauren’s ability to establish a clientele comprising underground storage tank (UST) owners and her knack for achieving LUST incident closures within the ELTF’s budgetary outlines showcases her unparalleled proficiency. With her deep understanding of UST regulations and technical standards, she has become an invaluable resource for clients navigating the intricate world of underground storage.

AcuityES and Lauren – A Partnership Aimed at Bettering the Environment

In 2021, AcuityES was fortunate enough to have Lauren join our team. At AcuityES, she has seamlessly managed intricate remediation projects, displaying a comprehensive grasp of accounting software that synchronizes with project management. Lauren’s continuous engagement with ELTF administrators and her regular attendance at Financial Assurance Board meetings reflect her dedication to the cause.
Her current role as Senior Engineer at AcuityES, coupled with her team at TVES’s commitment to site inspections and compliance, epitomizes the very best of environmental engineering and dedication.
A Testament to AcuityES’s Reputation
Lauren’s appointment to the Indiana State Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Board is not just an individual achievement but also a testament to AcuityES’s caliber and reputation. Having one of our primary engineers be trusted with such an esteemed position underscores our dedication to fostering talent, upholding the highest industry standards, and actively participating in initiatives that prioritize environmental protection.
We are incredibly proud of Lauren and look forward to supporting her in her new role. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration for all of us at AcuityES, and we are confident that her influence on the board will usher in positive changes for Indiana and the broader environmental community.
For further details or inquiries, please contact Lauren Nielsen at or 206-914-8802.