Project Experience

30 Days To Clean Up Perchloroethylene (PCE)


A commercial real estate developer initiated a campaign to update and remodel his retail strip mall shopping center. During this process, one of the tenants who operated a dry cleaning operation was identified as responsible for a release of perchloroethylene (PCE) to the environment (both soil and groundwater). AcuityES professionals were retained to develop a fast-track remediation program that could be implemented in approximately 30 days.


AcuityES professionals mobilized to the Site and excavated source area soils to the depth of the shallow water table. The tenant space was fully repaired once contaminated soils were removed. AcuityES determined that PCE contaminated Site groundwater was amenable to remediation by in situ reductive dechlorination. CAP18-METM [a commercial vegetable based reductant reagent] was injected into the groundwater beneath the tenant space and into the downgradient contaminant plume. In addition to injecting the reductant reagent, AcuityES professionals coordinated a slip-stream injection of selected microbes to enhance the reductive dechlorination process. A long term post-remediation groundwater monitoring program was implemented.


Source area soil removal and groundwater treatment was completed within four weeks of project initiation, during the Indiana winter. AcuityES coordinated the project in such a way that the tenant was able to continue operations throughout the investigation. Long term groundwater monitoring required by the State has documented PCE at concentrations approaching the final Site closure objectives.