Environmental Site Assessment Services

The environmental site assessment phase is critical to successful environmental site closure.

With our propriety process we Dig Deeper to determine the factors necessary for successful remediation – asking questions and looking at the issues from a variety of perspectives.

With a focus on the final outcome, we ask the right questions and collect the data necessary to successfully close your problem site. This vital component to successful contaminated site closure is where other environmental consulting firms often fail. They often fail to collect the comprehensive information necessary to understand the situation and, therefore, may not recommend the remediation technology and process to meet your goal.

Our environmental site assessment has been proven for over a decade to bring closure to these types of soil and groundwater contamination:

  • Recalcitrant Chemical Releases
  • Organic Compound Releases
  • Heavy Metals In Soil and Ground Water
  • Co-Mingled Petroleum Releases
  • Complex Hydrogeologic Settings
  • Urban (Utility-Laden Settings)
  • Sensitive Industrial Properties or Operations

Give us a call or use the contact form above. We’ll answer any questions you have about how our in-depth environmental site assessment can help you close that problem site that just won’t go away.

And, if you’re already working with an environmental remediation consultant, let us give you a second opinion. We offer peer review services so you can make sure you have the right solution. Click here for a site evaluation.

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