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Jim Rouse Environmental Remediation ConsultantMr. Rouse has 50 years of relevant experience, including 17 years with various Federal agencies and 28 years as a consultant to industry throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  He is internationally known for his work on the subsurface behavior of heavy metals and radionuclides, and has developed innovative approaches for in-situ remediation of metals, especially hexavalent chromium, in soil and ground water, starting in 1982.  Mr. Rouse has authored more than 50 publications, dealing primarily with the subject of natural and man-aided attenuation of heavy metal, radiochemical, and cyanide contamination, and vadose zone monitoring.  He has made a number of presentations to technical meetings and taught numerous short courses.  He has been qualified as an expert witness approximately 30 times, in the area of heavy metal and radiochemical migration and remediation.

Mr. Rouse has been involved in investigation, design, and operation of in-situ remediation systems for soil and ground-water contamination by hexavalent chromium at more than a dozen sites in Indiana, California, Texas, Maryland, Colorado, as well as Australia, Scotland, Switzerland and New Zealand, starting in 1982. These are in geological environments ranging from low permeability silts and clays to uniform, permeable glacial outwash sands, and include karst limestone. Delivery systems have included injection wells, infiltration trenches, infiltration galleries, borehole-placed reactive barriers, and direct-push hydrofracture systems. He is listed as an expert in the U.S. EPA publication “In Situ Treatment of Soil and Ground Water Contaminated with Chromium: Technical Resource Guide” (EPA/625/R-00/005, October 2000). He has recently served as a consultant to the Glasgow, Scotland city council as an advisor in the remediation of extensive deposits of chromium-ore processing residue (COPR) scattered throughout that city. Mr. Rouse also served as an advisor to a major industrial client on remediation of COPR under an East Coast residential area.

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