Since 2002, SeaBreeze Technologies, LLC (SeaBreeze) has done extremely well in the “Environmental Solutions” game, but the name simply had to go … welcome to Acuity Environmental Solutions (or AcuityES for short)!

SeaBreeze as a company completed numerous successful projects for clients all across the nation.  This experience has allowed the company to grow in both our reputation and expertise … but from a marketing sense, the name SeaBreeze failed us when we wanted to talk about our awesome story … which is the process we use in striving to ask the right questions in any environmental situation.   Our changes are not in name alone.  We have moved to a new address (still in Fishers, Indiana); added new staff; and expanded the depth and expertise of our services.

So, while Shakespeare opined that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, our branding guy disagreed. A lot.

So, here we stand at a new beginning to a sound legacy … waiting to tell the story about how we “dig deeper”.