Sometimes the best way to appreciate differences is through comparison. Via two recent hires, ACUITY ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS has been able to validate the company culture of constant improvement. Sarah Webb and Robyn Toole have recently joined AcuityES and have been energized by the unique perspective AcuityES strives to achieve everyday.

Webb, a project hydrogeologist, was blunt in her assessment. “In the past I have worked in situations that allowed finances to drive decisions. We passed over contemporary solutions because we knew the client wouldn’t question ‘accepted’ practices regardless whether they were less effective or grossly outdated; so long as they were the ‘cheaper’ solution.” She continued “AcuityES is constantly trying to learn how to solve problems better. There is not an automatic ‘remedy plan’ until we understand everything that’s going on.”

Webb comes to AcuityES with an accomplished track record in groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport modeling. She has enjoyed the challenge of being assimilated into the Acuity investigative model of ‘ask the right questions’, which she says is a refreshing departure from ‘the industry norm.’

Robyn Toole echoed similar remarks. “I was drawn to AcuityES by the company attitude that there are no assumptions of prescribed project remedies.”

Toole comes to AcuityES after more than five years in the water / wastewater industry doing planning and design work for municipal clients. Her graduate work at Purdue University focused on developing the passive flux meter (PFM) technology (while studying under Dr. P Suresh Rao) for use in plume characterization of tetrachloroethene, trichloroethene, hexavalent chromium, and perchlorate affected sites.

AcuityES wholeheartedly welcomes Sarah and Robyn to the team.