Dry Cleaner Remediation, PCE contamination, Environmental Remediation ExpertsOne of the biggest challenges for environmental defense attorneys is finding a qualified expert to review the technical details of a case and provide compelling evidence for the court.

As an example, we were retained to review data and activities associated with the suspected release of perchloroethlyene (PCE) from a former Dry Cleaner.

We poured over all of the documentation we could get our hands on and went to the Site to inspect the Site conditions ourselves.

Based on the facts, we provided the attorney with identification of alternate local sources of historical PCE releases that more consistently explained the distribution and behavior of the contamination.

Armed with this information, the attorney was able to successfully argue that the facts did not support the claim that the defendant’s property was the significant and sole source of PCE impacts. The attorney completed a successful mediation satisfactory to the client and his insurers.

This is just one example of how our expert reviews have significantly reduced the final financial responsibility of defendants.

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