This is an interesting case study. A local attorney presented us with a very unique environmental remediation problem and even more specific objectives for successful environmental closure. This summary defines the situation:

  1. The upgradient site was impacted with chlorinated compounds.
  2. The downgradient site was impacted with chlorinated compounds.
  3. The client’s site was also impacted with chlorinated compounds.

Environmental Remediation, AcuityES, Chlorinated Solvent RemediationThe assignment:  Design a remedy that only remediates the impact to site in the middle.

This is the type of problem where AcuityES excels at “digging deeper.” So we began to work on addressing the impacts to soil and groundwater by designing a chemical oxidation “recirculation” remedy.  The solution included: Caissons for the upgradient groundwater and extraction wells for the downgradient groundwater. So, how well did the remedy work? Read the details here.