Jim Rouse, Principal Geohydrologist, Talks in situ Soil and Groundwater Cleanup.

Jim RouseJim will present the facts surrounding the use of Nano-Scale Ferrous Sulfide Slurry for In-Situ Soil and Groundwater Cleanup of Hexavalent Chromium, Nickel and Other Metals and Metalloids, as observed at a recent plating facility remediation project, at the 95th Annual National Association For Surface Finishing (SUR/FIN) Manufacturing & Technology Conference.

The event will be held June 9 – 14 at the Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Registration Information: http://www.nasfsurfin.com/.

Mr. Rouse has 50 years experience, including 17 years with various Federal agencies and 33 years as a consultant to industry throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Scotland and New Zealand. He is internationally known for his work on the subsurface behavior of heavy metals and radionuclides, and has developed innovative approaches for in-situ remediation of metals, especially hexavalent chromium, in soil and ground water.

For additional background information or to schedule an interview with Jim please contact Ben Irvin at birvin@acuityes.com or 317.863.4680.