“You have to spend money in order to make money “only makes sense when the investment is prudently made. As AcuityES approached 2013 it became evident that it was time to “invest” in the enhancement of our workforce. While enjoying an increase in signed contracts as a true blessing; an even greater gratification comes in the ability to locate and hire the very best qualified staff in our determination to fulfill those contracts. AcuityES welcomes Andrea Parra to the team.

Andrea holds a Masters of Environmental Science from Taylor University, with a focus on Earth and Physical Sciences. Upon graduation her desire was to work with a company that would challenge her daily, and AcuityES’s concept of digging deeper and asking the right questions attracted her to become part of the team. “Acuity is not the typical environmental company; it is constantly using innovative technology to help its clients in the most efficient way possible. Once I became aware of the forward-thinking experts that I would be working with, I knew I wanted to be part of Acuity”.

Growing up in South America, Andrea, native of Venezuela, stepped out of her comfort zone to pursue a successful education and career in the US. The challenges she has faced through this process have attributed to her success, and she brings a special dedication to AcuityES.  “It is encouraging to be surrounded by bright and knowledgeable people, it drives me to learn and be challenged daily.”