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Acuity Environmental Solutions

It may simply be a question of depth.

ACUITY Environmental Solutions … dig deeper into current environmental issues

ACUITYEnvironmental Solutions(AcuityES)manages and completes remediation and environmental compliance contracts throughout the United States. Our professional staff completes these projects from our headquarters located northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our clients include international and Fortune 500 firms, law firms, and the Department of Defense (specifically the Base Realignment and Closure program or BRAC).  AcuityES is also a strategic teaming partner with other prominent environmental consulting firms & experts on current environmental issues.

So what does dig deeper mean to our clients? It means we ask detailed questions, we dig into the physical and chemical inter-dependencies at each site, we dig into current environmental issues and timely research, and we dig into the appropriate regulatory issues.  AcuityES professionals work to identify and remove the source of the environmental problem, then we manage the residual contaminants in a cost effective manner to insure complete compliance. This process allows AcuityES to successfully reduce the cost of investigation and focus the Client’s capital on eliminating the environmental challenge.

One area of expertise is remediation of chromium sites. Hexavalent or trivalent chromium remediation and our expedited closure record has become a specific example of Acuity ES commitment to results.

Our culture of “questioning the accepted” includes the use of professional technical staff,  innovative systems to measure contaminants, and unique advanced treatment technologies. Explore how AcuityES can dig deeper for you, today.